Monte Sahaja - Application for Day Visits

Monte Sahaja is currently in a winter closing period until spring 2019. This is the time for Moojibaba and the team to take some rest, and it is a very quiet period in Monte Sahaja. There are no scheduled Satsangs and we are closed for day visits.

During this winter closing period, we are not generally able to accommodate requests for visiting the Ashram while staying in one of the surrounding Guesthouses. However, this form has been shared with you as we would like to look more closely at your request. If you cannot come at any other time of the year due exceptional circumstances, please fill it in and we will contact you if an opportunity to visit Sahaja becomes possible.

About You

About your Stay

Please check if any of the following options applies to you. You can inform the kitchen of any further dietary restrictions like food allergies by emailing kitchen [at]

Visa Information

If you come from one of the countries that require a Visa for Portugal, please provide the dates of your Visa allowance.

Health Insurance

It is strongly advised to bring an European health insurance card or to make a private insurance for this period.

Emergency Contact

About Your Connection to Moojibaba

Moojibaba fully embraces all those who come to him in search of Truth. Whether you have met him in Satsang around the world, or through the podcasts and videos offered online, he welcomes all beings coming to Monte Sahaja for liberation and encourages each one to make full use of their time on this holy land.

Health Conditions

Please be aware that although Monte Sahaja is beautiful and comfortable, the facilities are simple and modest. The land is very hilly, which can feel quite demanding to walk up and down at first and we spend most of our time outdoors. Special or medical assistance cannot be provided in Monte Sahaja.

You acknowledge that Satsang is not a replacement for any therapy or other medical treatment or diagnosis. If you have been previously diagnosed with a mental health condition, or are currently undergoing treatment for a mental health condition, an environment of deep contemplation or introspection (such as a concentrated Satsang environment) may not be suitable for you. We therefore strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a mental health clinician whether Satsang is suitable for you at this time. More information can be found here.


Image file should be less than 4 MBytes in size. Accepted file types are: jpg, jpeg, or png.


By attending this event, you agree that your image and voice will be used for recording and sharing of Satsang on DVD, mp3 and on the Internet. All recorded material is recorded with great discretion if they are chosen to be shared with the wider Satsang community. Images of all individuals will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this application.

Om Shanti!